SMS "Fair Deal" to : 45633 charged at R1.50 per SMS

services we offer



Why pay same tracking fee for fleet parked all day with no business activity? We say reduce the tracking costs with a daily rate.



Don't replace, transfer / switch to our platform without loosing your initial hardware investment.



Big enough to have your own Brand? Is internal digital marketing important to your business - get the service not our branding.



SMS important notifications about events, using your own SMS - full Mobile App and Web notifications also available.


Solutions Consulting

We are happy to analyse your unique situation and use our business, engineering, technology and innovation masterminds to solve your problem.


Technical Support

We will typically respond within 12 hours for requests from Monday to Friday and for requests received during the weekend, we will respond within 24 hours or the following Monday.


GPS device auto-test

We daily check the health of your unit and our app show the last time the unit connected to our server.


User Training

We provide system orientation and training of this really user friendly system that is easy to use.

Featured Services

Pay-As-You-Track - Think you can afford to manage your fleet?

We understand that what you choose today might not be what you need tomorrow,hence we are pioneering the Pay--As-You-Go of Tracking.

Any size business that can be affected by the economic downturns

If you have less jobs delivering / distributing / transporing goods / items / products - you will pay less for the days where there was not a single trip made in that day.

Individuals with cars but using public transport or lift clubs

Now you have the opportunity to save money for days that you don't drive your vehicle at all

Owners of multiple vehicles

If you have weekday cars and weekend cars but paying a fixed tracking premiums - do consider Pay As You Track and Save.

Driving everyday? like 360 days a year

You probably need to rest yourself and your valuable assets. We can cap all the the monthly subscriptions to a maximum for vehicles that are expected to operate everyday.

Bring-Your-Own-Device | Switch Platforms and Save

Many times companies are stuck with good hardware run on uncompetitive platforms or maybe there is an opportunity to change service providers. There is a solution without losing your initial hardware investment. Our platform has 500+ closely supported GPS trackers. If your device is not supported, our development team will integrate it if you have the right documentaion (protocol and device setup commands). It is also important to ensure that the devices comply with the local or international regulations.

White-Label GPS Platform - Your own branded tracking platform

Are you Big enough to have your Own Brand? If marketing your brand is important to your business - then you can get our tracking platform and app service with your branding. Also, if you have 60+ objects to track, we say you deverve to have your own brand on your domain website and your company branded mobile app - focus on growing your brand and not on promoting a tracking company, we undertake all technical aspects, while you concentrate on your real business.

Free SMS Gateway | Converts Android device to SMS station

SMS gateway is all you need to deliver various important notifications about events, like: sos, zone in/out, route in/out, over-speeding, engine status and more... to other mobile devices via SMS messages. Application allows to control GPS tracking devices over SMS message commands.